What Moving Expenses are Reimbursable?

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For eligible employees, UCI will pay the vendor on behalf of the employee or reimburse the employee for the expenses detailed below when such costs are preauthorized, deemed reasonable and necessary, have been incurred during the employee's move, and are properly supported by original invoices and itemized receipts.

In accordance with IRS guidelines, employees seeking reimbursement for these moving expenses incurred from their personal funds must submit their expense reports within a reasonable amount of time not to exceed sixty days after the expenses were paid or incurred.

Reimbursable Expenses

The following reimbursable moving expenses have specific conditions attached to them:

Transportation of household goods and personal effects from the old to the new residence.
  • Household effects may include those in storage and used by the employee at or before the time of the move to the new residence; however, shipping items that are in storage may not exceed the cost of shipping these items if they had been located at the residence.
  • Furniture or household effects purchased en-route from the old to the new residence must be transported at the employee's personal expense.
  • Household items do not include: farm tractors, implements, and equipment; trailers with or without property; boats; livestock (animals raised for profit); belongings that are not the property of the immediate family of the employee; building materials of any kind.
  • Academic appointments: reimbursement for one-half the total cost for packing, freight (but not storage) and insurance of household goods, when properly supported by invoices and receipts.
Transportation of the employee and members of the employee's household from the old to the new residence.
  • Members of the household may travel separately.
  • Transportation must consist of a single trip that does not exceed the cost of air coach transportation.
  • Academic appointments: reimbursement for one-half the total cost for air economy/coach transportation for appointee and immediate family or an equivalent amount for other travel in accordance with standard airlinefare policies and University travel regulations.
Meals and lodging

The cost of furnished temporary lodging for up to 30 days and groceries for up to 30 days of residence in the temporary furnished lodging if it has cooking facilities. If the lodging is in a hotel-type facility without cooking facilities, meal reimbursements will be made in accordance with BFB G-28.  Meals are taxable. 

Academic appointments: reimbursement for one-half the total cost for meals en route for appointee and immediate family in accordance with University travel regulations.  If travel is by automobile, the cost of meals is an allowable expense only to the extent that might have been necessary if travel had been by air coach.  Meals are taxable.

Meal cost if travel is by automobile

If travel is by automobile, the cost of meals is allowable (but taxable) only to the extent that might have been necessary if travel had been by air coach.

Driving or shipping automobiles to the new residence

Automobiles may include vans, minivans, passenger trucks, or other vehicles that are used as the employee's or spouse's primary daily mode of transportation.

If the automobile(s) to be used will transport the employee and the employee's household members, household goods, or personal effects, the employee will be reimbursed for costs for either:

  • Out-of-pocket expenditures for the moving trip, such as gas, oil, repairs, parking, and toll fees; or
  • Parking and toll fees plus 17 cents per mile. (This is the only mileage rate associated with moving expenses. The mileage rate allowed for University business travel is not applicable for this purpose.)

If the employee has more than one automobile, the employee may be reimbursed for costs of having someone drive the second automobile to the new residence, in accordance with the guidelines above.

Packing household goods

Costs for packing and crating the employee's household goods at the old location and unpacking and installing the household goods at the new location are eligible only at 50% based on policy for Academic appointments.

Storing and insuring household goods
  • The storage and insurance of an employee's household goods and personal effects while in transit are eligible.
  • The storage and transit fees must be incurred within any consecutive 30-day period after removing the household goods and effects from the old residence and before delivering them to the new residence.
Disconnecting and connecting utilities

Reimbursement does not apply to refundable deposits associated with these expenses.

Passport expenses

The employee's passport expenses incurred with the commencement of work in the United States are reimbursable.

Coordinate with Purchasing

You should contact the Purchasing Department at least six weeks prior to the desired move date so that your new employee receives the best possible service.

Contact Diane Silver, Purchasing, at 949-824-7018 or dhsilver@uci.edu before arranging any relocations.

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