Coordinating with Purchasing

A cardboard box that says Coordination on it

You should contact the Purchasing Department at least six weeks prior to the desired move date so that your new employee receives the best possible service. Contact Diane Silver, Purchasing, at 949-824-7018 or before arranging any relocations.

How to Coordinate with Purchasing

Step 1: Verify the hire and eligibility

Verify with your supervisor or department head that the appropriate approvals to hire are in place and the employee has been offered assistance with moving expenses.

Step 2: Create a purchase order requisition

Create an appropriately authorized purchase order requisition, including name, current address, and telephone number(s) of the employee, and account, fund, sub code to be charged.

Step 3: Collect associated documents

You will need the following documents:

  • A completed move questionnaire
  • A memo showing the University's percentage of costs on both household goods and on library and laboratory equipment, if applicable.
  • An appropriately authorized request for exception to policy, if applicable.
Step 4: Complete the move requisition

Forward complete package to Purchasing, who will then manage all phases of the move, such as:

  • send the employee a letter of introduction and information
  • contract with the moving company
  • initiate moving arrangements
  • arrange for adequate insurance coverage
  • process the necessary authorizing order
  • assist with loss or damage claims

Getting UC Discounts with Approved Movers

The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) and Public Utilities Commission (PUC) permit the University to obtain government tariffs and discounts from moving companies.

By law, moving companies do not extend the government rates to an individual. Discount rates are only available through agreements established by Purchasing.

The University of California has agreements with the following household moving and transportation companies. Contracted vendors are subject to change.

  • Atlas Van Lines
  • NorthAmerican Van Lines
  • United Van Lines
  • Wheaton

For a full list of vendors and agreements, contact the Purchasing department.