Protect your Privacy on Payment Forms

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You're responsible for securing personal information. Before attaching any documentation, remove any personal information, including home address and phone numbers, credit card numbers, medical conditions, social security numbers, birth dates, personal email addresses, etc.

Social Security numbers are not required on requests for employee payments. The tips below will help employees maintain confidentiality of credit card numbers and home addresses.

Social Security Numbers
  • Employees do not need to provide Social Security numbers for any reimbursement request. All employees can be searched as a payee in KFS
  • Non-Employees will have to be onboarded as a vendor in order to be paid in KFS. Social Security numbers are not necessary, and the onboarding forms are filled out by the vendor using the Vendor Onboarding System.
Credit Card Numbers
  • Travel receipts such as hotel bills, airline receipts, or restaurant receipts may display credit card numbers. This number is never required on documentation and should be blacked out or covered before it is sent to scanning or submitted to Accounting.
Home Addresses
  • To help maintain a confidential home address, we recommend employees have an electronic payment made directly to their bank account, or have a check sent to their UCI departmental address.
  • Home address on any documentation should be blacked out or covered
  • Watch for this on shipping receipts and mileage verification

Supporting Documentation Guide

Whether you are submitting an entertainment reimbursement (ENT), travel reimbursement (TR), or disbursement voucher (DV), you will need to send your supporting documentation to be scanned.

The Supporting Documents Guide will help you determine what receipts, invoices, or proofs of payment you need to submit to be reimbursed in a timely manner.