Getting Reimbursed for Travel Expenses at UCI

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All travel reimbursements at UCI are processed through the Kuali Financial System using the Travel Reimbursement (TR) e-document. Because each department and unit has its own procedures for processing travel reimbursements, travelers should first inquire in their unit about how best to proceed.

Some important things for travelers to keep in mind:

You Must Create a TEM Profile in KFS to be Reimbursed

All travel and entertainment reimbursements are processed through UCI’s Kuali Financial System, and if you want to be reimbursed, you will need to create a Travel and Event Management (TEM) profile. It’s not difficult and only takes a few minutes. Click here for instructions on how to create a TEM profile.

You Must Follow University of California Travel and Entertainment Policies

For a quick overview, check out these travel policy highlights. The full policy documents governing travel and entertainment expenses are listed on this page.

You will Need Receipts for Reimbursement
  • Airline - Receipt or invoice/itinerary showing ticket number
  • Lodging - Itemized receipt showing daily expenses
  • Conference Registration - Receipt and copy of registration form
  • Rental Car - Receipt given when car is returned (mileage in/out)
  • Anything over $75 - You will need a receipt for any expense over $75

For the full list of receipt requirements see the Required Receipts and Supporting Documents Guide

You will be Required to Log Into KFS and Certify Your Travel

While your travel reimbursement will probably be processed by a trained travel arranger, you will still need to personally certify your travel online in the Kuali Financial System. You should get an email from the system when the reimbursement is routed to you for certification (unless you have turned off email notification in which case, you will just need to check your KFS action list).

Click here for instructions on how to approve a reimbursement.