KFS Entertainment Reimbursement eDoc

A woman working on a reimbursement on a laptop

Employees can request reimbursement for meeting expenses by submitting an Entertainment Reimbursement (ENT) e-document in the Kuali Financial System.

Accessing and Creating the ENT eDoc

Access to KFS is granted by your Department Security Administrator through the Kuali Security Access Maintenance System (KSAMS). After you've been authorized to use KFS, the system can be found in Zotportal under the KFS tab.

Creating an ENT eDoc or any other Travel and Entertainment Management (TEM) e-document in KFS requires training, which is available via the UC Learning Center or at in-person classes. Employees who do not have access to KFS should inquire about the entertainment reimbursement process within their unit.

Scanning Supporting Documents

After you’ve submitted an Entertainment Reimbursement, you will need to send your supporting documentation to be scanned. Supporting documents required for entertainment expenses include anything over $75.

For the full list of receipt requirements see the Required Receipts and Supporting Documents Guide.

These receipts and all other required supporting documentation should be placed in an envelope along with the e-document's coversheet and sent by campus mail to the scanning unit in Distribution & Document Management.

Approval of Entertainment Reimbursements

Department heads and employees who have been granted signature authority are responsible for approving routine, within-guidelines expenses for both travel and entertainment. Because signature authority is built into KFS, the default Travel and Entertainment (TEM) e-document approval workflow is typically all you need, but keep in mind that some departments have stricter approval requirements.

Exceptional and Additional Approval

When expenses are not routine because they do not conform to UCI Entertainment guidelines, you will need to request exceptional approval. A common example of when exceptional approval would be required is when required receipts or other supporting documentation is missing. KFS doesn’t know what does or does not require exceptional approval. Because of this, users must manually ad-hoc route reimbursements for exceptional approval when necessary. 

For more information about exceptional and additional approval, see Additional and Exceptional Approvals for Travel, Business Meeting, and Entertainment Expenses.

Check Enclosures and Special Handling

When creating a ENT eDoc, users can select three special check handling options. You can enclose additional documents with a check, print a check for pick up at Financial Services in Aldrich Hall, or force a check to be printed when the payee has ACH direct deposit set up.

For more information on how to do this, see the Check Enclosures and Special Handling Guide.