GLACIER Overview for Foreign Nationals


GLACIER: Ensuring Tax Compliance for Foreign Nationals at UCI

UCI employees more than 1,000 faculty, staff members, and students who are foreign nationals, or non-resident aliens (NRA). Faculty and staff also participate in research outside the United States and this has implications for their payroll and income tax withholding.

To ensure compliance with all tax laws, UCI uses an online tool called GLACIER to determine the appropriate tax withholding for paychecks and other payments to foreign nationals. If you are a foreign national, you will be required to enter all required information into GLACIER so that the tool can determine your foreign national residency status and eligibility for tax treaty benefits. GLACIER will then generate the appropriate tax reporting documents, which you will need to submit to the Tax Reporting and Compliance Office in UCI’s Accounting and Fiscal Services Department.

Contact for Questions

  • Franklin Say
    Glacier Lead Administrator

Need Help?

In-person assistance with the GLACIER documentation is by appointment only. Individuals may set an appointment to meet with a Tax Compliance and Reporting expert in person at 949-824-3647 or

Getting access to the GLACIER System

To begin the process, your sponsoring UCI department must complete an initial GLACIER Information Form and submit it to the Tax Compliance and Reporting office. Once we receive that form, we will set you up in the GLACIER system.

After you’ve been added to the GLACIER system, you will be automatically sent an email from with the subject line “Payments from UCI.” This email is from the GLACIER system, and contains your personal login and password information. If you did not received an email or deleted it in error, please request a duplicate email by contacting Tax Compliance and Reporting.

Creating your profile in the GLACIER System

The GLACIER online tool will lead you through the process of creating your GLACIER profile. All of the information you need to complete this process is available in the tool, so please read the onscreen instructions carefully. You can contact GLACIER’s support team directly with any questions or technical problems you encounter as you enter your information. If you have any questions about the software or what a particular question means, contact the GLACIER Support Center. They should respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Submitting Your GLACIER Tax Summary Report

The GLACIER system will use your information to create a Tax Summary Report, but you are responsible for printing, signing, and mailing a signed copy of your tax summary report—along with any forms that GLACIER may have printed for you—to the Tax Reporting and Compliance office. You should also include photocopies of all personal “Required Documents" listed on the bottom right section of the GLACIER Tax Summary Report. Completed packets may be delivered to or sent using campus mail to:

Accounting / Tax Compliance and Reporting
120 Theory, Suite 200
Zot Code: 1050

Saving your information in GLACIER

You should set aside approximately 30 minutes to complete the GLACIER process. If necessary, you can save your work in GLACIER and finish the process later, using the same username and password. Keep copies of all documents you prepare and submit.

If your information changes

If your information changes, please log back into GLACIER and update your record. You will need to print, sign, and deliver or mail the updated tax summary report and document copies to Tax Compliance and Reporting so that your changes may be reflected in the systems from which you might be receiving payments.