Grants Management News: Looking Toward the Fall and Beyond

Sent to All Employees on the UCI Campus on July 20, 2017

A Message from the Office of Research, Office of Information Technology, and Accounting & Fiscal Services

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Looking Toward the Fall and Beyond

Formed earlier this year, the Grants Management Workgroup is a partnership dedicated to making managing research grants easier. In this newsletter, we review upcoming developments and enhancements in the following areas:

• Enhanced Access to Financial Data

For Principal Investigators, we are making it easier to see projections of future spending and funding for your awards. For financial staff, we are planning to make it easier to generate ad-hoc reports and access information about awards.

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• New Tools for Managing Grants

We will soon roll out new features for the Research Management System (RMS) related to husbandry, animal care, and veterinary services. UCI will also soon implement a new Kuali Coeus (KC) module for Clinical Trials Negotiations.

• Streamlined Processes

There are many business processes involved in administering contracts and grants, and we are working to simplify and improve them. We are adding new notifications for award setup and expiration, delegating authority for proposal submission to the School of Medicine, and plan to update the composite fringe benefit rate.

Read on to learn more about how UCI is making it easier to manage grant awards.

Latest Developments in Grants Management

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Projections Coming Soon to the ABO Report

We are currently working on adding projections of future spending and funding to the ABO Report. When this feature is activated later this year, these estimates will be automatically fed to the ABO Report from an existing tool called the PI Report, which is itself continuing to evolve. Projections will flow into the ABO report in real-time, giving PIs easy access to the information they need to manage their award budgets.

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BLISS 2.0: Improved Ad-Hoc Reports

UCI's homegrown tool for building customized financial reports will soon get an upgrade to its user-interface. New features coming to BLISS include built-in lookups, auto-complete text fields, and better search options for reviewing data. Further into the future, we would like to add more contract and grant data to BLISS, allowing users to pull useful information about awards into their customized reports.

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RMS Animal Ordering/Billing Update

The Research Management System (RMS) has moved into the third phase of development and will soon have new features related to husbandry, animal care, and veterinary services. The update will add reports for animal welfare and electronic health. Earlier this year, we added the ability to request animals online. See the RMS User Guide for more information.

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New Industry Clinical Trial Negotiations Module

UCI is preparing to roll out a new Kuali Coeus (KC) module for Industry Clinical Trial Negotiations. The module will provide Principal Investigators and their support staff with information on the negotiation status of confidentiality agreements, clinical trial agreements, contract amendments, and more. It will also tell you whether approvals have been secured for conflict of interest, Institutional Review Board, and Kuali Coeus proposal.

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Award Setup and Expiration Notifications

Departments are now receiving immediate notifications when a new award is released by Sponsored Projects Administration to C&G Accounting. This new process has fewer steps and takes less time. UCI is now working on notifications for award expiration, which will be sent automatically when an award gets close to its end date. The first draft of this new process will be shared with campus at the next Quality Research Administration Meeting (QRAM) on Aug. 30.

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Delegation of Authority for
Proposal Submission to School of Medicine

The Office of Research recently finalized a delegation of authority that will enable the School of Medicine to submit proposals directly to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Once implemented, this will streamline the proposal review and submission process and give faculty additional time to complete the science for their proposals.

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New Composite Fringe Benefit Rate this Winter

UCI uses a composite fringe benefit rate when creating extramural proposal budgets that include salaries and wages. This fringe benefit rate is expressed as a percent of salaries and impacts the amount of budget you will request for your research project. UCI is transitioning to a new payroll system (UC Path), which allocates benefit costs in a different manner than our current system. The UCI Budget Office is evaluating the impacts to composite fringe benefit rates, and an update is scheduled for December.

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