Update to Supporting Documents Guide: Agendas

Sent to the KFS-Update mailing list on Nov. 23, 2016

The Supporting Documents Guide on the Accounting website has been updated to clarify the role of agendas in supporting the business purpose of a travel reimbursement. The travel expenses section now indicates that a meeting/conference agenda is the preferred way of documenting the business purpose of a trip.

If an agenda is not readily available or contains sensitive information, you may instead detail the nature of the trip in the Business Purpose section of the reimbursement. For example, you would indicate that the trip was for a University-wide meeting of functional offices, location-based meeting of deans and directors, extended formal training session, meeting of a University-appointed committees, or a meeting of a professional association or other external organization.

Establishing the business reason of a trip is an important part of IRS Accountable Plan requirements and is required by University of California policy. Failure to clearly indicate the business purpose of a trip is an audit risk for UCI and is impermissible as it would result in the traveler’s reimbursement becoming subject to income taxes.

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