Rush Checks for Payroll Adjustments End October 3

Sent to the PPS-Update mailing list on Sept. 27, 2016

Effective Monday, Oct. 3, the Payroll Office will no longer process rush checks for payroll adjustments. Instead, all payroll adjustments should be processed on the next available payroll cycle compute (e.g. B1, B2, MO, XX). This change does not affect rush checks for final pay, which may still be requested according to the normal process.

We are modifying this business process for several reasons. First, processing payroll adjustments using a standard payroll cycle ensures that details like tax deductions are properly recorded and displayed on the At Your Service Online (AYSO) website. This does not occur with payroll adjustment rush checks.

Second, processing rush checks is one of the Accounting Department’s most paper intensive processes. Reducing the number of off-cycle payroll adjustments will significantly reduce paper waste.

Finally, processing rush checks is a time intensive process for Payroll staff, who can no longer accommodate the large number of requests for payroll adjustment rush checks received every week. In order to work more efficiently with our limited resources, we need department payroll coordinators to limit adjustments to regular pay cycle computes.

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