Recent KFS Updates: Improvements to Searching for Accounts and Events

Posted to ZotPortal on Aug. 25, 2016

KFS was recently updated to fix a number of bugs and improve some features. The most important changes are described below, including improvements to how users can search for accounts and events.

Account Supervisor and Manager Added to Account Lookup

Shows the account lookup search window with two new fields for Account Supervisor and Account Manager. KFS users can now search for accounts by Account Supervisor and Account Manager. Two new fields—called “Account Supervisor Principal Name” and “Account Manager Principal Name” respectively—have been added to the Account Lookup basic search function.

This new way to search for accounts will be particularly useful in situations where an account manager or supervisor is leaving UCI and you need to create an Account Global e-document to update all of the accounts under their name. By searching for the manager or supervisor’s UCINetID, you can see all of the accounts associated with them and make sure all of those accounts get updated.

Event Title Searches are no Longer Case Sensitive

The Event Title field is no longer case sensitive for ENT custom document search. Users can now search for Entertainment e-documents by the event title without needing to worry about matching exact capitalization. For example, searches for “dean” and “Dean” will now yield the same results. This should assist users who process many entertainment reimbursements and have struggled in the past to search for events in an effort to avoid duplicate payment.

Fixed Action List Notifications for Returned DVs and TTs

A bug was fixed that caused some users to not receive a notification email when a Travel Reimbursement (TR), Entertainment Reimbursement (ENT),  Relocation Reimbursement (RELO), or Disbursement Voucher (DV) was returned to them. This was occurring even though the users had elected to receive immediate notification emails. Users who would like to receive an individual action list notification for returned documents should ensure they have “immediate” notification emails selected in their Action List preferences.

Description Added to Mileage Rates in Travel Reimbursements

When users add mileage to a travel reimbursement, the mileage rate drop-down menu now includes the description associated with each standard reimbursement rate. The rates themselves have not been changed. This change should make it easier to select the appropriate mileage reimbursement rate. The rates are now displayed as follows:

  • $0.235 - Loaned Auto for UCI Assignment
  • $0.54 - Travel: Empl Owned Automobile
  • $0.995 - Privately Owned Aircraft

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