Printing of Earnings Statements for Payroll Adjustments Ends Aug. 1

Sent to the PPS-Update mailing list on July 21, 2016

The Payroll Department will stop printing “blue sheet” earnings statements for Payroll Adjustment Rush Checks effective Monday, Aug. 1. This applies to all Payroll Adjustment Rush Checks regardless of whether they are paid by direct deposit or paper check.

Rush Checks for Final Pay are not affected by this change. Blue sheet earnings statements for Final Pay Rush Checks will continue to be printed and made available for pickup.

Confirming that correct hours/percentages were paid for a Payroll Adjustment

With this change, employees will need to work with their department payroll coordinator if they would like to confirm a Payroll Adjustment. Earnings statements for Payroll Adjustments were rarely picked up, so this is not expected to be a common occurrence.

If requested, the payroll coordinator can confirm the Payroll Adjustment hours/percentages by logging into the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) and looking up the IERN screen, which can then be printed for the employee. If an employee requires a full breakdown of deductions, the payroll coordinator should contact the Payroll Office for assistance because this information is only available centrally. 

For questions about this change, contact Nabila Khalil at or 949-824-6821.

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