Documents Processed/Approved This Weekend Have Not Yet Posted to GL

Sent to the KFS-Update mailing list on July 11, 2016

Users should be aware that e-documents processed and approved on Saturday and Sunday have not yet posted to the KFS General Ledger due to a system processing error last night. These entries will appear in ledgers tomorrow, July 12. Preliminary ledgers from Saturday are not affected. Thank you for your patience as we work to update the system.

Feeder System Data

A number of recharge and feeder systems missed the announced Wednesday, July 6, cut off. Fortunately, this information was processed in time to be included in KFS preliminary ledgers, and departments should see all of the expected regular business activity in preliminary ledgers, excluding any e-documents that were approved and processed on Saturday and Sunday.

Final Accruals/Deferrals, General Error Corrections, and Budget Alignments

During this week departments should be adjusting their ledgers for any accruals/deferrals, general error corrections, and budget alignments. The YEDA document is now available, and is located in the KFS Financial Processing portlet, under Financial and Current Budget Transactions.

Many departments are financially closed by 7/8 however you should continue reviewing your interim ledgers this week and approve your Fiscal Year End 2015-16 Action List items before the Period 12 deadline on July 15.

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