Deadlines for Requesting June Final Pay

Sent to the PPS-Update mailing list on June 16, 2016

Take the time to identify employees separating on or before June 30, 2016

Because June is a particularly busy month for renewing employee appointments and processing separation actions in the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS), the Payroll Office requests that every department make an effort now to identify employees who have approaching separation dates or appointments that will not be renewed beyond June.

The official monthly pay date for June earnings is July 1. Monthly paid employees separating before July 1 will require special handling to produce their final pay.

  • For a separation date before June 21, 2016

You must request the final payment through the Rush Check Request Process by 2 p.m. three days before final pay is required. This will allow sufficient time to process a correct payment for your separating employee.

  • For a separation date after June 21, 2016

Due to the anticipated high volume of separations during the last week of June, departments must request the final payment through the Rush Check Process by Friday, June 17, to ensure proper processing of these final pay.

Please follow the established final pay procedures, including processing a SEPS bundle, reporting any final hours due, and requesting final pay to be prepared. Also, please follow the established final pay and separation procedures for student employees whose appointments are ending in June 2016 and who will not be returning in the fall.

Every separation is unique; so if in doubt, please contact Nabila Khalil at 824-6821 for assistance with your particular situation.

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