New Payee Certification Tab for Payment Codes B & Z

Sent to the KFS-Update mailing list on March 21, 2016

The Disbursement Voucher e-document was updated this weekend to include a new Payee Certification tab. This new tab only appears when payment codes B or Z are selected and requires the Initiator to select a Payee Certification Option from a drop-down menu.

Shows the Payee Certification tab and highlights the drop-down menu where you must select to ad-hoc route, print a pdf, or indicate that policy doesn't require certification. The link to the pdf is also highlighted at the bottom of the tab.

Completing Payee Certification

The new tab includes the text of UCI's certification statement and offers three options for certification. Using the drop-down, you can choose to:

  • Manually ad-hoc route the document to the payee for approval
  • Print a PDF certification statement for the payee to sign and then send it to Scanning
  • Indicate that payee certification isn't applicable per policy

If you plan to use the paper certification statement, be aware that the link to the PDF does not appear in the Payee Certification tab until after you've filled out the Payment Information tab and saved the DV. The Payee Certification Option can be changed later by the Fiscal Officer or Accounting Reviewer.

Why This New Tab?

This new tab replaces the old payee certification form, which was sometimes missing from scanned documentation. Except in emergencies or with special approval, UCI employees should not be making out-of-pocket purchases. When someone requests reimbursement for these types of purchases using Payment Codes B or Z, the university requires the payee to certify that the purchase was for legitimate business. It's also an opportunity to remind employees that they should be following purchasing guidelines. Reducing the number of employee reimbursements for out-of-pocket purchases is a priority for our campus.

For this same reason, Payment Code N (Performance Agreement Payments) was removed from the DV document earlier this month. This type of payments should be processed using a KFS Requisition.

For help determining the appropriate way to buy something, Purchasing and Risk Services has created this short video that introduces the KFS Payment Decision Tree, an at-a-glance reference tool to guide users to the correct KFS transaction.

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