TEM Arrangers can Collaborate on Documents in KFS

Posted to the Accounting Website on Feb. 8, 2016

Travel and Event Management (TEM) e-documents can be initiated by one travel arranger and edited by another. This function is an option for departments that would like TEM reimbursements to be created by an Initiator and reviewed or edited by a second person. This feature also allows backup arrangers to submit documents when an Initiator is out of the office.

How it Works

Two people can work on the same reimbursement document prior to submission as long as they are both set up as travel arrangers for the Traveler/Payee. All fields will be editable as long as a document is in saved status.

Setting up Multiple Arrangers

There are two types of travel arrangers. The main type is manually added by an employee to their TEM profile and is called an Individual Arranger. The second type of arranger is called a “TEM Org Profile Arranger.” Users with this role have access to edit all TEM e-documents associated with their specific organization.

The TEM Org Profile Arranger role can be assigned via the Kuali Security Access Maintenance System (KSAMS). The TEM Org Profile Arranger is hierarchy driven for viewing access only. When setting up this role up, keep in mind that it is not hierarchal for editing purposes. If you want to edit TEM eDocs for more than one Org Code, you will need to set up multiple TEM Org Profile Arranger roles. 

Creating a TEM eDoc for Collaboration

At minimum, the Initiator must fill in the Traveler/Payee section and save the e-document. With this done, a second arranger may take over and edit or review the eDoc at any time, provided they are also an arranger for the payee. Be careful not to submit the document until you are finished collaborating.

Sending a “Read Notes” FYI to Your Collaborator

One option to notify another arranger your document is ready for processing is to send them a note, via the Read Notes feature. Notes can be sent from the Notes and Attachments tab, once added to the document. Notes will send the eDoc to the second arranger’s action list as an FYI with a “Read Notes” annotation. Notes do not have to be sent in order for a second arranger to open and complete the document.

Add a Note and then select the Send button to send it as an FYI to your collaborator

Submitting the eDoc

Your TEM eDoc will remain in saved status until it is submitted. Any arranger can submit the document. If the document was sent to you as an FYI, you can also opt to edit and save the reimbursement without submitting. After an e-document is submitted, you can check the document’s Route Log to see who completed it.

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