Organization Reviewers Can Now Opt to Receive FYI, Acknowledge, or Approve Notifications

Sent to the KFS-Update Mailing List on Jan. 20, 2016

KFS and the Kuali Security Access Maintenance System (KSAMS) were recently updated to give departments the option to send FYI or Acknowledge notifications to an Organization Reviewer for many types of maintenance e-documents. Previously, Reviewers could only be set up to receive an approve notification in their Action List. Setting up an Organization Reviewer for approve, FYI, or acknowledge is done through KSAMS using the following roles:

  • Organization Reviewer
  • Organization Reviewer for FYI
  • Organization Reviewer for Acknowledge

The existing Organization Reviewer role setup is unchanged. Changes to current role setups can be accomplished in KSAMS, by selecting one of the alternate acknowledge or FYI roles for the Organization Reviewer. After one (or more) of these roles have been set up, the organization reviewer will begin receiving action list notifications for the following e-documents:

  • Account (ACCT)
  • Sub-Account (SACC)
  • Object Code (OBJT)
  • Organization (ORGN)
  • Sub-Object Global (GSOB)
  • Account Delegate Global (GDLG)
  • Account Delegate (ADEL)
  • Account Delegate Model (GDLM)
  • Account Global (GACC)
  • Project Code (PROJ)
This reviewer role is optional and does not affect the standard workflow for any of the above documents. For help setting up roles in KSAMS, please contact your Department Security Administrator (DSA).

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