Using Account Delegate Models to Set Up Accounts

Sent to the UCI campus on Oct. 21, 2015

Location of the Account Delegate Global from Model link in the KFS Lookups and Requests PortletA new feature was activated this weekend that can save time for users who find themselves repeatedly creating accounts with the same Fiscal Officer delegation structure. The new Account Delegate Model e-document allows you to create a model/template of your most commonly used Fiscal Officer delegation structure, so that it can be applied to the Account Delegate Global eDoc.

After the model is created, you use it from the Account Delegate Global from Model menu option, which is nested under Account Delegate Model in the Chart of Accounts section of the “KFS Lookups & Requests - Adv” portlet.

Account Delegate Model Tips
  • Org Code: In the Account Delegate Model tab, enter the organization the model is used for. The Organization Code here is used for informational purposes, and does not restrict the organization you can apply the delegates to.
  • Document Type: For the Document Type Code, you can enter ‘KFS’ to establish the delegation for all document types in KFS.

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