KFS Update 2.1

Sent to the UCI campus on Sept. 24, 2015

September’s Kuali Financial System update included many bug fixes and system enhancements. Some notable changes are detailed below.

Watch for “Read Notes” Notifications in Your Action List

Starting this week, users may see FYI “Read Notes” notifications in their action lists for Disbursement Vouchers (DV). This type of notification—previously limited to Travel and Event Management (TEM) and purchasing e-documents—lets you know that a note has been added to your eDoc, and has specifically been routed to you.

Example of a read notes FYI in your KFS action list

The note can be seen and reviewed in the Notes and Attachments section of the eDoc. The Accounts Payable team often uses notes to let users know about issues with an eDoc, so pay special attention when you see “read notes” in the Action Requested column of your Action List.

GEC Copy and Copy All Buttons Now Work for Project Codes

The General Error Correction (GEC) e-document features “copy” and “copy all” buttons in the accounting lines tab. Previously, these buttons did not work with project codes—meaning users had to manually copy over project codes on the “From:” side to the “To:” side of the eDoc. This bug has been fixed, and project codes will now be automatically copied over when either button is selected.

Creation of DI e-Documents Restricted to Specific Users Roles

Beginning this week, only users assigned a special role in KSAMS will be allowed to initiate new Distribution of Income and Expense (DI) e-documents. Valid DI initiators should already be set up with the new role in KSAMS, and no action should be required. This new restriction was put in place to ensure that the DI eDoc is only used for appropriate purposes. Note that the DI document should not be used in place of the GEC for expense transfers or the Internal Billing (IB) and Service Billing (SB) eDocs for recharges and letters of agreement (LOA).

PPS Transactions No Longer Post to Continuation Accounts

Effective with July 2015 monthly Payroll feed, a change was implemented that prevents Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) transactions from posting to KFS continuation accounts when the original account is expired or closed. This change only affects accounts with expiration dates—primarily accounts associated with contracts and grants.

As a result of this change, PPS transactions will now attempt to post to a KFS account even if it is expired or closed. Should this occur, the problematic transaction will need to be corrected using the payroll system cost transfers process (UPAY). For questions about this process, contact Rebecca Tangen, Contracts and Grants Manager.

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