The Improved Travel Expense Report: An easy-to-review summary of trip/event information and expenses

Sent to the UCI campus on Aug. 25, 2015

Thumbnail image of a Travel Expense ReportKFS users can now access an improved version of the Travel Expense Report for all Travel and Event Management (TEM) reimbursement e-documents. The link to the updated report can be found in the Reports Tab of your TEM eDocs. Report links are generated/updated after the document is saved. The expense report is available after all required fields are populated.

The improved report was designed for department reviewers and provides better readability when printing or filing travel expenses. The Travel Expense Report contains a summary of all the expenses listed in the e-document in a simplified format.

Information in the report includes:
  • Trip/Event Overview: This section lists basic information like the name of the payee, destination, and dates of the trip/event.
  • Account Distribution: A rundown on all of the KFS accounts listed in the eDoc’s accounting lines section and the amounts on each.
  • Expense Detail: A listing of dates, descriptions, and amounts for all of the expenses incurred.
  • Expense Summary: Totals for the TEM document broken down by actual expenses, corporate card charges, CTS charges, and the total amount reimbursable.

Note: This new report is for internal department reference purposes only. Do not include it with supporting documentation sent to Scanning.

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