Avoid Delays with Travel and Event Management (TEM) E-Documents

Make sure you are using the Image Scanning tab when your supporting documents were scanned into a disapproved TEM eDoc.

Sent to KFS-Update on June 3, 2015

If your receipts and other supporting documents were scanned into a Travel and Event Management (TEM) e-document that was subsequently disapproved, it is essential that you link that disapproved eDoc to the new one. Doing so is easy: just enter the document number of the disapproved document into the new eDoc’s Image Scanning tab.

image scanning tab

Doing this lets KFS—and other people looking at the eDoc—know that your supporting documentation was scanned into another eDoc. It also keeps your new eDoc from getting stuck in the KFS scanning hold. (You can also use the Image Scanning tab when scanned documents from a previous eDoc apply to a new one.) If the disapproved document number is NOT populated in the Image Scanning tab, it will disrupt the workflow and the eDoc will not move forward for approval or payment.

Improved Kuali Vendor Onboarding (KVO) Email Notifications

Several email notifications were recently added to the Kuali vendor onboarding process. These notifications should make it easier for you to track the status of your vendor/payee’s onboarding.

Vendor onboarding initiators will now get an email when an invitation is sent to the prospective vendor/payee. Initiators will also be notified if an invitation is cancelled with a reason why. Additionally, you will now receive a copy of the welcome message that goes to your vendor/payee. The welcome message includes their KFS Vendor Number, which will allow you to begin your document in KFS.

As always, the status of your KVO request can be searched in KVO (not KFS) by typing in your UCINetID. This remains the best way to track all your requests and their statuses.

KVO Lookup Panel

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