KFS Update 1.20

Sent to the KFS-Update mailing list on May 19, 2015

Several Significant New Features Added to KFS over the Weekend

Continue reading to learn how Fiscal Officers can edit the Document Overview Tab and a new +/- display option for the General Ledger (GL) Entry Lookup. Also new this week is an automatic process built into KFS that will clean up left-over encumbrances on closed, cancelled, and voiced purchase orders (PO) every night.

Fiscal Officers can now Edit the Document Overview Tab

Starting immediately, Fiscal Officers can now edit all of the fields in the Document Overview Tab, including Description, Organization Document Number, and Explanation. This enhancement was implemented to cut down on the number of e-documents being disapproved simply because the explanation field needed to be changed. This enhancement applies to all KFS transaction documents. 

Specific circumstances for editing

After a document is submitted, only the Fiscal Officer is able to edit the Document Overview Tab and only when it routes to them as part of the standard workflow built into KFS. This means that the Document Overview cannot be edited if it’s been ad-hoc routed—even if the person it’s been ad-hoc routed to is the Fiscal Officer. As in the past, Accounting Reviewers still cannot edit the Document Overview.

Display Transactions Amounts as Positives and Negatives in General Ledger (GL) Entry Lookup

Users may now choose to display transaction amounts as positives and negatives in the KFS General Ledger (GL) Entry Lookup. This change was implemented for situations when the standard debit/credit view doesn’t fit user needs when doing a quick lookup or Excel download in KFS.

How it works

When using the General Ledger Entry Lookup, you will see a new option called “Debit/Credit View.” If you select “Exclude” for Debit/Credit View, you will see the transaction amounts with positive and negative symbols based on the normal balance of the object type. If you leave it as “Include,” the transactions will be displayed in the original default view: As positives with the debit/credit column added.

New Automatic Process Clears Encumbrances Left Behind After a Purchase Order (PO) is Closed, Cancelled or Voided

A new nightly process was added to KFS this weekend. The batch process automatically cleans up dangling encumbrances from closed, canceled, and voided Purchase Orders (PO). This new feature will help ensure that KFS displays an accurate outstanding Encumbrance Amount when viewing Open Encumbrances and Available Balances.

Whenever the process corrects a dangling encumbrance, it will automatically generate a new ledger entry called a PO Encumbrance Correction (POEC). This creates an audit trail so users can see when the process has affected one of their accounts. This process is automatic and no action is required from users.

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