KFS Update 1.17.1

Sent to KFS-Update mailing list on March 23, 2015

This weekend several significant updates were made to the Kuali Financial System. The "View Required Scanned Documents" link was moved to the new Image Scanning tab, and an automatic "scanning hold" was added to most Travel and Event Management (TEM) e-documents. Also notable, the Travel Reimbursement (TR) e-document was modified to simplify certification for travelers. Continue reading to learn more. 

New Automatic Scanning Hold Will Reduce the Need to Check Scanned Status

This weekend, a "scanning hold" designed to reduce the need to monitor TEM eDoc scanned status was added to KFS. The system now checks the scanned status of Travel Reimbursements (TR), Entertainment Reimbursements (ENT), and Relocation (RELO) e-documents and automatically stops them from advancing past the fiscal officer until supporting documentation is scanned. When scanning is complete, the hold is automatically lifted and the eDoc returns to the normal workflow process. 

As a result of this change, fiscal officers can now approve a TR, ENT, or RELO eDoc at any time, knowing that it won’t advance to the next person in the workflow until supporting documentation is scanned and ready to view.

workflow illustration

Keep in Mind

  • This scanning hold affects only newly created TR, ENT, and RELO eDocs. E-documents created before March 21, 2015, are not affected by the scanning hold.
  • Disbursement Vouchers (DV) and Travel Authorizations (TA) do not have a scanning hold.
  • If you have scanned images associated with an old e-document and want to include them in a new eDoc, you can use the Image Scanning tab described below.

View Required Scanned Documents and More with the "Image Scanning" Tab  

The TR, ENT, and RELO eDocs also now contain a new "Image Scanning" tab. This tab includes the link to view Required Scanned Documents and any other associated eDocs that contain relevant scanned documentation.

  • When you plan to send supporting documents to scanning: If you plan to send supporting documentation to scanning using the new document’s coversheet, leave the Image Scanning tab blank.  Once your documents are scanned, the “View Required Scanned Documents” link will appear.
New link location in an ENT
  • When you want to include scanned supporting documents from an existing eDoc: If all of your supporting documentation can be found in another TEM eDoc, you can enter in that eDoc’s number to include those scanned documents. This is useful when the original eDoc was disapproved or when scanned documents from a previous eDoc also apply to the new one.

image scanning tab

Travel Reimbursement Tabs Collapsed for Traveler Certification

UCI Travelers sometimes have trouble seeing exactly what needs their attention in the Travel Reimbursement eDoc. Recognizing this, the TR eDoc was modified this weekend to make it easier for travelers to quickly find the total amount of their reimbursement and where to certify their travel. Now, whenever a TR is routed to a traveler for certification, all the tabs in the eDoc will be automatically collapsed except for the “Travel Expense Total” and “Traveler Certification” tabs.

Tabs will continue to default to open for all other users in the workflow and travelers still have the ability to open the collapsed tabs if they would like to examine their reimbursement more closely.

If you have questions or need help, please contact the KFS Help Desk at kfs@uci.edu or 949-824-7001.

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