New This Week in KFS: Improvements to the Action List, Internal Billing Account Validation, and More

Sent to KFS-Update mailing list on February 23, 2015

This weekend’s update to the Kuali Financial System included numerous small fixes and improvements. Among the most significant are a modification to the Action List and a new income account validation that has been built into the Internal Billing (IB) eDoc. Keep reading for details.

Action List modified so it no longer opens multiple browser tabs/windows

Over the weekend, the behavior of the KFS Action List was changed so that when you click an e-document, it now opens the eDoc in the same browser tab. After you take an action on the eDoc, you are sent back to a refreshed version of the Action List in the same tab. As a result of this change, users who process a lot of eDocs will no longer have to close the overabundance of open tabs that resulted from eDocs opening in new tabs/windows.

Internal Billing (IB) e-document now validates income accounts

Departments must either be approved by the Budget Office as a Recharge Unit or have a Letter of Agreement from General Accounting in order to submit an Internal Billing (IB) e-document. For this reason, the IB eDoc now validates that the income account you are using for internal billing is approved for that purpose. If it is not, users will encounter a "You may not use this account as a recharge income account" error message.

All known accounts used by Recharge Units and those approved by Letter of Agreement were automatically designated as approved in KFS in advance of this change, so no action is required for most users. If you receive this error message despite having the proper approvals, you should contact the KFS Help Desk at or 949-824-7001.

How to check if your account can be used with the IB eDoc: Users can check if their account will work with IB eDocs by doing a Chart of Accounts (COA) Account lookup in KFS. After you’ve pulled up your account, look for the “Recharge Credit Indicator?” attribute in the Accounting Systems tab. If it says yes, the account can be used with the IB eDoc. Object codes used in the IB eDoc are still restricted to Object Code Type “IC” on the Income side and “EE” on the Expense side. These can be found using the COA Object Code lookup in KFS.

Actual expenses in TEM eDocs now automatically sort by date

Actual expenses added to your TEM eDocs will now automatically sort by date. Previously, actual expenses were sorted by expense item type, which was less useful. This change should make the process of adding and reviewing actual expenses easier for users.

Image link text changed in TEM eDocs and Disbursement Vouchers (DV)

The text of the hyperlink you click to see scanned images for Disbursement Vouchers (DV) and all TEM eDocs has been changed from “View Related Images” to “View Required Scanned Documents.” Functionally, it is unchanged.

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