Change to ad-hoc routing in internal billing (IB) e-documents

Sent to KFS-Update mailing list on January 20, 2015

Last week, the KFS team implemented several changes to the internal billing (IB) e-document to help streamline the process of approving recharges. These changes included adding a 15-day auto-approval period and the removal of the disapprove button. This week, an additional element of this streamlining process was implemented.

Ad-hoc routing of IB eDocs is now limited to "FYI" and "acknowledge"

To speed up the internal billing process, ad-hoc routing for “approval” has been disabled in IB eDocs. Ad-hoc routing using the FYI and acknowledge options is still available. This change affects all new and existing IB eDocs, but any IB eDocs that are currently ad-hoc routed for approval and awaiting action still need to be approved by the normal process.

This change was necessary because ad-hoc routing an IB eDoc for approval temporarily stopped the workflow process for each and every department included in the eDoc. This update ensures all departments will have a full 15 days to review their recharges.

Note that this change only applies to the IB eDoc. Ad-hoc routing for approval in other types of eDocs is still enabled and completely acceptable. If you have any questions about ad-hoc routing in IB eDocs, the KFS help desk is available to assist at or 949-824-7001.

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