Always have the right receipts, invoices, and proofs of payment with this useful supporting documents reference guide

Sent to KFS-Update mailing list on January 16, 2015

Whether you are submitting an entertainment reimbursement (ENT), travel reimbursement (TR), or disbursement voucher (DV), you will need to send your supporting documentation to be scanned. The reference guide below will help you determine what receipts, invoices, or proofs of payment you need to submit to be reimbursed in a timely manner.

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Three tips for sending supporting documents to be scanned

Below are the three tips to follow when sending your supporting documents to be scanned. Following these simple rules will help your reimbursements and disbursement vouchers to be processed as quickly as possible: 

  1. Remember to include the coversheet—even for travel and event management (TEM) host certifications. Every document sent to scanning needs to be accompanied by a coversheet including host certifications.
  2. Include only one coversheet. Make sure you include only the current reimbursement or disbursement’s coversheet. You should never include coversheets from previously disapproved reimbursements or disbursements because this can cause delays with scanning your supporting documents.
  3. Don’t send PALCard or purchase order (PO) documentation to be scanned. PALCard supporting documents should be saved and filed within the department, not sent to scanning. Purchase order supporting documents should be electronically attached in the notes and attachments section of the e-document.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact Accounts Payable at Do not reply to this email.


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