Recommended Actions and Important Information for Fiscal Year-End Close

Humanities Building

Recommended Actions

In order to close in a timely manner, it is important that departments adhere to the cutoff dates outlined in this letter. In addition to meeting the cutoff dates, it is recommended that the following actions be taken in each campus department:

Ledger Reconciliation

Continue to promptly reconcile your monthly ledgers.

May Period 11 Ledgers

Thoroughly review the May (Period 11) ledgers and make all necessary corrections/adjustments. Ensure that all transactions will be processed in time to appear on the June (Period 12) ledgers. Departments cannot process adjustments after the Period 12 ledger closes.

Full Accounting Units

Review FAUs provided to campus recharge units for recurring charges to ensure accuracy and to minimize corrections.


Please note that material transactions that were not recorded by the Period 12 cutoff and are related to 2017-18 business must be accrued as soon as possible.

Important Information

Material Transactions

To determine whether a transaction is material for reporting purposes, UCI has established the following criteria:

    • The goods and/or services are received in 2017-18, but the expense is not reflected on the 6/30 campus ledgers (expense accrual).
    • Services are performed in 2017-18, but not billed (revenue accrual).
    • Revenue is received in 2017-18 for services to be conducted in 2018-19 (revenue deferral).
    • Payment for goods/services in 2017-18 with expected benefit in 2018-19 (expense deferral).
    • Accrual/Deferral Threshold: The transaction value is greater than or equal to UCI's accrual/deferral threshold. For the 2017-18 close, the threshold is $10,000. There are two exceptions to this rule:
      • For capitalized equipment, anything greater than or equal to $5,000 should be accrued.
      • For plant/capitalized construction costs, anything greater than or equal to $35,000 should be accrued.
Deadlines and Dates

Please carefully review the closing dates on this website. Questions can be directed to your department financial manager or the Accounting Office.

Action List Reminders

During the final weeks of Period 12, KFS users will receive daily Action List reminders to help ensure a timely closing process. 

Decision Support

Decision Support will be updated six nights per week, Sunday through Friday, during Fiscal Close (from July 8 through July 22).

June Ledgers

The June "Final" ledgers are anticipated to be available in the first week of August.

Accruals in July and August

Special attention should be devoted to the review of transactions processed in July for potential accruals. Please contact the Accounting Office as soon as possible if a material transaction should be evaluated for accrual consideration.


The Accounting Office will be offering two Fiscal Close Workshop sessions on May 22 and 23.

In addition, this year we will be offering a new workshop session directed toward Auxiliary and Sales & Service Enterprises on May 30. This session will cover the same topics as the May 22 and 23 workshops, with additional topics unique to Auxiliary and Sales & Service Enterprises.

More information is available on the UCLC website at Registration through UCLC is required for all workshops.