Contracts and Grants Training

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Contracts and Grants Accounting offers several classes that focus on fund accounting processes for sponsored projects. These classes are geared toward individuals that are relatively new to managing contract or grant award funds in a University setting.

Register on UCLCThe initial prerequisite class is completed online as an eLearning course. After completing the prerequisite, it is recommended that subsequent courses be completed in the order listed below. Enroll in all of these courses via the UC Learning Center (UCLC). Search for "CGS."

Contracts and Grants Fund Accounting Series

Course Order

Course Title and Details

Prerequisite Course

Award Management Basics (eLearning course)

Quick overview of the role of research at the University, its benefits, and basic award concepts.

  • Approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • This eLearning course is the prerequisite for the C&G Fund Accounting Series.

Course #1

Introduction to Fund Management

First course in the series presents policies, practices and requirements related to fund management. Topics include:

  • understanding the purpose of fund accounting
  • the fund accounting ledger
  • applying expenses
  • award terms and conditions
  • important Federal and University policies

Course #2

Direct vs F&A

Designed to help contract and grant fund managers understand and identify the difference between direct and facilities and administrative (F&A) costs.

  • The appropriate application of costs to award funds is a key element in C&G fund management.

Course #3

General Error Correction (GEC)/Cost Transfers

The GEC/cost transfer should be used on a limited basis and needs to be

  • supported
  • documented
  • justified.

The course focuses on

  • what a GEC/cost transfer is
  • policies that govern the GEC/cost transfer
  • when it is to be performed
  • ways to avoid a GEC/cost transfer
  • how to document and support the performance of a required GEC/cost transfer.  

Completion of this course is mandatory for individuals that will perform payroll and/or non-payroll cost transfers.

Note: This course is also available as an eCourse. Individuals that complete the eCourse to satisfy the mandatory training requirement must achieve a 100% score on the eCourse assessment.

Course #4

Payroll Certification System (PCS)

Federal requirements play an important role in salary certification. UCI's PCS system was developed to comply with federal standards. This course will focus on:

  • UCI's PCS system and processes
  • proper PCS review and certification
  • PCS schedules
  • meeting deadlines
  • salary limitations (NSF & NIH) and pertinent policies

Course #5

Cost Sharing System

UCI's Cost Sharing System manages the tracking and reporting of cost sharing requirements for contract and grant awards. This course will focus on:

  • what cost sharing is
  • policy that governs cost sharing
  • reporting
  • how to use the system to cost share both non-payroll and payroll expenses
  • how to cost share non-payroll expenses in Kuali Financial System (KFS) using CS sub-accounts.

Course #6

Ledger Reading and Award Close Out

This course will be presented in two parts.

  • Part I - The management of award funds differs from the management of general funds. Topics:
    • Focus on reading the award ledger (KFS Decision Support)
    • distribution of award funds
    • award payment schedules
    • budget allocation
    • managing overhead rates
    • pertinent award terms and conditions.
  • Part II - The financial close-out of an award. Proper financial close-out of an award is critical for accurate financial reporting to award sponsors. Topics:
    • when to begin the close-out process
    • important deadlines
    • cost sharing commitments
    • outstanding expenditures
    • overdrafts, ledger close-out
    • document retention periods