Disbursement Voucher E-Document

The Disbursement Voucher e-document is used in the Kuali Financial System to reimburse employees and nonemployees for expenses incurred while conducting university business and to pay other vendors for performing a service, or providing material goods for the university.

After all approvals are complete, the Disbursement Voucher generates a payment (either by check or ACH) to the payee. To ensure that adequate internal control standards are met, a payment issued to reimburse expenses is delivered directly to the payee. Payments are not delivered to any of the individuals involved in the approval or payment preparation process.

Supporting Documentation: Disbursment Vouchers require supporting documentation. The Supporting Documentation Guide explains what is required for different types of payments.

Approval: Disbursment Vouchers must be approved by the appropriate individuals in accordance with UC, UCI, and department policy. Information about Disbursement Voucher approval workflow is available in the KFS Workflow Guide. In some cases, exceptional approval may be required.

Disbursement Vouchers can be used to reimburse the following expenses:
  • Prizes and Cash Awards to non-employees
  • Gifts & Non-cash Awards made to UCI employees or non-employees.
  • Emergency Purchases under $500 (no food/travel)
  • Payments to Research Participants
  • Honoraria
  • Utilities, Freight, Postage, Storage Rental
  • Medical, Health Care or Insurance Payment
  • Non-Travel Registrations
  • Agency Agreements and Contracts
  • Fees, Licenses, Employee Tuition
  • Program Sponsorships
  • Claims, Settlements or Tax payments

 This list is not all-inclusive. For more information about valid reasons for payment, see the payment reason codes page. Always ensure that the Disbursement Voucher is the correct method of reimbursement. It should not be used to circumvent purchasing policy or for travel reimbursements. 

Examples of when it is not appropriate to use a Disbursement Voucher:
  • Any travel related expenses
  • Any meetings, event, or entertainment expenses
  • Any moving or relocation expenses
  • Most supplies and materials reimbursements except for emergencies (always follow purchasing policy)
  • Anonymous Human Subject Payments (these and the IRB approval letter should go on a Form 5 Check Request- See UC Irvine Administrative Policies & Procedures Sec. 701-03)

Training and More Information

If you would like to learn how to prepare Disbursement Vouchers, please take the Disbursement Voucher class available online in UCLC. Completing the KFS Basics class is a prerequisite.

More information about KFS classes is available on the Financial Management Support website.